= The Apple II = The Apple II was the first consumer friendly computer released by Apple Computers. It was the successor to the [[Apple I]] electronics board that was sold to hobbyists in 1976. The Apple I and II were developed by Steve Wozniak, who founded Apple Computers along with Steve Jobs. == Historic Software == Here you'll find two historic Apple II programs, the [[subLOGIC Flight Simulator]] and [[VisiCalc]] for your experimentation. { "icons" : [ ["subLOGIC Flight Simulator", "folder-dot"], ["VisiCalc Spreadsheet", "folder-dot"] ], "class" : "float-center" } === Mystery House === [[figure-screenshot:/artwork/mystery-house.png Mystery House takes place in a Victorian home]] { "icons" : [ ["Mystery House", "boot-floppy", "/disks/apple2-mystery-house.dsk"] ] } Mystery House, released in 1980, was the first graphical adventure game. It was programmed by Roberta and Ken Williams. They later went on to found Sierra Online. === See also: === * [[Historic Software]] Apple I Historic Software VisiCalc Spreadsheet VisiCalc subLOGIC Flight Simulator