= Flappy Bird on a Commodore 64 = Sos has done an excellent [[port of Flappy Bird]] to the Commodore 64. Here, you can use a port of the C64 to JavaScript to play the port of Flappy Bird to the C64 in your web browser. { "icons" : [ ["Flappy Bird", "boot-floppy", "/disks/c64-flappy-bird.prg"], ["Sos' Web Page", "hyperlink", "http://sos.gd/flappy64/"] ] } Why would you wish to do this? I have no idea. Click the disk, and then at the "READY." prompt type "run" (in lowercase), followed by ENTER. The screen will flash in colors and you'll make it to the start screen.
# Type '''slowly''' and '''delibrately''', waiting for each character to appear before going to the next. The emulator may occasionally miss keys, so you may need to press a key again. # This game has only one control key: PageDown. This game is impossible.
== About the Emulator == == About the Emulator == { "icons" : [ ["MAME Web Page", "hyperlink", "http://mamedev.org/"] ] } This emulator is from the MAME project, an emulator collection. port of Flappy Bird