= The Regnecentralen RC759 Piccoline = The RC759 Piccoline, from the Danish company Regnecentralen, was distributed from 1984 to 1989. It was designed for use in education and was targeted at elementary and high school students. { "icons" : [ ["System Disk", "boot-floppy", "/disks/rc759-boot-floppy.pfdc"], ["Bil-simulation", "boot-floppy", "/disks/rc759-bil-simulation.img"], ["Eddie", "boot-floppy", "/disks/rc759-eddie.img"], ["Eliza", "boot-floppy", "/disks/rc759-eliza.img"] ] } The RC759 photograph and disks used here were graciously provided by Peter Haagerup & Søren Haagerup. Check out their [[RC759 Piccoline]] web page for more information. == Eddie and Eliza == [[figure-screenshot:/artwork/eddie.png Eddie's got style, but he's a bit tipsy.]] [[figure-screenshot:/artwork/eliza.png Eddie chats up Eliza!]] === About the Emulator === { "icons" : [ ["PCE Home Page", "hyperlink", "http://www.hampa.ch/pce"] ] } The RC759 emulator is a JavaScript port of Hampa Hug's PCE (PC Emulator). The Javascript port is based on work done by James Friend[1] === References === # http://jamesfriend.com.au/pce-js RC759 Piccoline