= What is in the boot disk? = { "icons" : [ ["PC-DOS 1.00", "boot-floppy", "/disks/ibmpc-dos-1.0.psi"], ["Concurrent CP/M-86 1.0", "boot-floppy", "/disks/ibmpc-ccpm86-1.0.psi"] ] } The boot disk is the IBM Personal Computer DOS 1.0 sample disk from the [[PCE]] downloads page.
# The PC does not recognize dates in this century, so try typing "1-1-80" (use the minus key in your keypad if the regular minus key does not work). # There are several BASIC programs to try out on the PC-DOS disk. Do a "BASICA SAMPLE" to launch the menu. To return to DOS after a program runs, type SYSTEM.
=== See also: === * [[IBM PC Model 5160]] * [[IBM Cassette Basic]] === About the Emulator === { "icons" : [ ["PCE Home Page", "hyperlink", "http://www.hampa.ch/pce"] ] } The IBM PC emulator is a JavaScript port of Hampa Hug's PCE (PC Emulator). The Javascript port is based on work done by James Friend[2] === References === # http://www.hampa.ch/pce # http://jamesfriend.com.au/pce-js/ IBM Cassette Basic IBM PC Model 5160 PCE