= The Code Kid = My parents took this picture of me in 1987. This was taken a few months after my parents took me back to Brazil, with our brand new Macintosh Plus in tow. [[figure-screenshot:/artwork/Marcio1987_2.jpg Me, in 1987]] Although the photo is not clear enough for me to see what program I was working on, the layout of windows is unmistakably Macintosh Pascal! == Try it for yourself: == { "icons" : [ ["Programming Tools", "boot-floppy", "/disks/mac-programming.image"], ["Marcio's Apps", "floppy", "/disks/mac-marcio's-apps-1.0.image", {"drive" : "fd2"}] ] } Try writing your own programs for the Macintosh using Basic or Pascal; or expore some of the programs I wrote as a kid! === See also: === * [[Apple Macintosh]] * [[Marcio's Mac]] * [[Marcio's Hypercard Stacks]] Apple Macintosh Marcio's Mac Marcio's Hypercard Stacks