= The Apple Macintosh = The Apple Macintosh debuted in 1984 with 128K of memory and an internal 400K floppy disk drive. It was the successor of the highly successful [[Apple II]] series of computers. Steve Jobs is known to have stood behind the Macintosh, much to the detriment of the Apple II team. == Macintosh Guided Tour == { "icons" : [ ["Macintosh Guided Tour", "folder-dot"] ] } At the time the Macintosh was released, mice and a graphical user interfaces were unfamiliar to most people. With each Macintosh, Apple included a Guided Tour diskette and audio cassette to help new users familiarise themselves with their computer. The guided tour diskette also includes a historic version 1.0 of the Finder, with a rudimentary mountain scene in the "About the Finder" box. The box credits to Bruce Horn and Steve Capps and has a date of December 4, 1983. * See the [[Macintosh Games]] page to learn about Through the Looking Glass, a game written by Steve Capps. == System 1.0 and Finder 1.1g == { "icons" : [ ["System Boot Disk", "boot-floppy", "/disks/mac-system1.0-finder1.1g.image", {"emulator-args" : {"-c" : "pce-mac-128k.cfg"} }] ] } The release of the Finder was more refined, including a professionally done mountain scene in the "About the Finder" and much nicer icons; it also added a "Clean Up" command in the Finder[1]. There is some great information about this release in Dan Vanderkam's [[System 1.0 Headquarters]]. = Themed Exhibits: = == Marcio's Mac == { "icons" : [ ["Marcio's Mac", "folder-dot"] ] } I began writing Macintosh programs in 1986 when my family bought a Macintosh Plus. Take a tour of my simulated Mac Plus and explore the programs that I wrote. Several of these were released as Shareware and featured in books of the era; others were never released to the public—they are made available to you here for the very first time! == Historic Macintosh Software == The Macintosh drew many developers. Here you'll find a collection of historic software for the Macintosh. { "icons" : [ ["Flight Simulator", "folder-dot", "subLOGIC-Flight-Simulator.html"], ["PowerPoint V1.0", "folder-dot", "PowerPoint.html"], ["Macintosh Games", "folder-dot", "Macintosh-Games.html"] ] } === See also: === * [[History of the GUI]] == References == # http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Mac_OS # http://jamesfriend.com.au/pce-js/ Apple II System 1.0 Headquarters History of the GUI Macintosh Games