= Maze War = Maze War has a long history dating back to 1974. This game lets you hunt down your opponent in a three-dimensional maze, ideas which influenced later first person shooter games. |!2 Early History of Maze War[1] | |> 1973 | Steve Colley develops MazeWars at NASA Ames Research Center | |> 1977 | MazeWars ported to the Xerox Alto and Xerox Star computers at Xerox PARC | |> 1986 | Alan McNeil and Burt Sloane write MazeWars+ for the Macintosh | Read a detailed account of the creation and history of Maze War in the article [[The First First-Person Shooter]], by Richard Moss. == Play MazeWars+ on the Macintosh == [[figure-float-left:/artwork/mazewars-eye.png MazeWars+ on the Macintosh]] MazeWars+ was released for the Macintosh in 1986. It is a very capable multiplayer game based on the original, allowing you to pick custom avatars, select from multiple robotic side-kicks and communicate with your opponent via text messages.
# Select "About MazeWars+..." from the Apple menu to learn the keyboard controls. # This page emulates a Macintosh with a modem and allows you to play MazeWars+ with others across the Internet.
=== How to play with others (in a game of up to sixteen players) === { "icons" : [ ["Boot Disk", "boot-hd", "/disks/mac-boot-appletalk.qed"], ["MazeWars+", "floppy", "/disks/mac-mazewars-plus-1.1.dsk"] ] } Once you are connected to the network, double-click the "MazeWars+" disk and start the game. New players will automatically appear in the playing area when they connect. == Scheduled Tournaments == Use this calendar to find events where you can play online games with others. If you would like to suggest an event for this calendar, e-mail me at ''mlt4356-github@yahoo.com'' === See also: === * [[Historic Software]] * [[Early Macintosh Games]] * [[Online Games]] === References === # https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maze_War Early Macintosh Games Online Games Historic Software The First First-Person Shooter