= Multi-Player Network Games = This page demonstrates several games that could be played on an Apple Macintosh over a LocalTalk network. The emulated Macintosh on this page allows you to play these games here with others through the Internet. Invite your friends to play by having them visit this web page on their own computers! == Maze War == [[figure-float-right:/artwork/mazewars-eye.png MazeWars+ on the Macintosh]] Maze War was an early multi-player game with a history dating back to 1974. This game lets you hunt down your opponent in a three-dimensional maze. { "icons" : [ ["Play MazeWars Online", "folder", "Maze-War.html", {"className": "world"}] ], "class" : "" } == Pararena == [[figure-float-left:/artwork/pararena.png Pararena 2 on the Macintosh]] Pararena, by John Calhoun, is a game where players compete to score goals against each other in a futuristic hoverboard arena. You can play with the computer or with another player on the network. { "icons" : [ ["Pararena 2", "boot-hd", "/disks/mac-pararena-2.img", {"boot-hd" : "/disks/mac-boot-appletalk.qed"}] ], "class" : "center" } Pararena 2 was published commercially in 1990 by Casady & Greene, but today the full source code, graphics and sounds to the game are available on [[GitHub]] under a MIT license[1]. == NetTrek 2.0 == { "icons" : [ ["NetTrek 2.0", "boot-floppy", "/disks/mac-nettrek-2.0.dsk", {"boot-hd" : "/disks/mac-boot-appletalk.qed"}] ] } NetTrek was a multi-player game developed by Randy Carr for the Macintosh. In this game, up to six players battle for control of the galaxy[2]. You can read more about NetTrek in the [[NetTrek History Page]]. == Scheduled Tournaments == Use this calendar to find events where you can play online games with others. If you would like to suggest an event for this calendar, e-mail me at ''mlt4356-github@yahoo.com'' === See also: === * [[Macintosh Games]] * [[Historic Software]] === References === # https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pararena # http://macintoshgarden.org/games/nettrek GitHub MazeWars+ NetTrek History Page Apple Macintosh Macintosh Games Historic Software