== Credits == This webapp brings together the work of many people. In particular:
; PCE (PC Emulator) : Hampa Hug for his excellent [[PC emulator collection]] ; PCE.js : [[James Friend]] for porting PCE to JavaScript ; MAME : The [[MAME]] team for their emulators ; Scripted Amiga Emulator : Rupert Hausberger for his excellent [[Amiga emulator]] ; SALTO : Juergen Buchmueller for the SALTO (Simulated ALTO) ; Emscripten and LLVM : The [[Emscripten]] and [[LLVM]] teams for the cross-compilers. ; Peer.js : For the WebRTC communication library used in the [[online games]] exhibit. ; Macintosh Garden : For the excellent repository of [[vintage Macintosh software]] ; File Navigator Icons : Everaldo Coelho, for the [[Crystal Clear]] icon set used in the navigator. ; UI Icons : [[Modern UI Icons]] for the icons used window title bar. ; Flag Icons : [[famfamfam]] for the flag icons ; w3schools.com : For the [[online reference]] I used hundreds of times in the course of this project ; Apple Computers : For the machine I grew up with and which inspired me to undertake this project. ; Website hosting : This web museum is hosted at [[SDF Public Access UNIX System]]
PC emulator collection James Friend MAME Emscripten LLVM vintage Macintosh software Crystal Clear Modern UI Icons famfamfam online reference SDF Public Access UNIX System Amiga emulator PeerJS online games