Hello. I am Marcio's Mac.
Take me for a spin and party like it was 1986.

== What is this? == In 1986, when I was ten years old, my dad bought our family a Macintosh Plus. I grew up writing software for that Mac. This web page allows you to interact with some of my early software in a simulation of a Macintosh computer from that era.
# While the Mac interface may seem familiar, some things have changed in the last thirty years. To use the drop down menus at the top of the screen, ''hold down'' the mouse button as you move over the words and ''let go'' when the command you want is highlighted! # To open things, double-click. For example, you can double-click the “Who is Marcio?” document to read it. # The Mac had a special key called the Option key (⌘). PC keyboards don't have that key, so use “Alt” instead. When you see ⌘ followed by a letter, it means you can use ⌘/Alt followed by that letter as a short-cut for a menu item. # If you get stuck in a program, try typing “Alt-Q”. This is the same as ⌘Q, which was a common keystroke to exit Mac programs. If you get ''really'' stuck, double-click the green "Restart" icon or refresh the webpage. # To close a window, click the white square at the ''top-left'' corner of a window's title bar. # The menu with the apple icon allows you to start mini-programs called “desk accessories”. This was needed because the original Mac did not allow you to run multiple programs at once, as you can today. Be sure to check out my Eyeballer desk accessory! # Look inside the “Marcio's Apps” disk to see some of the programs I wrote as a kid! They don't all work that well, so don't get frustrated if they misbehave! # Don't worry about breaking anything. Unlike a real computer, everything will return to exactly how it was before whenever you reload the web page!
== Click an icon to explore: == { "icons" : [ ["Marcio's Boot Disk", "boot-hd", "/disks/mac-marcio's-boot-1.0.qed"], ["Marcio's Apps", "floppy", "/disks/mac-marcio's-apps-1.0.image"], ["Marcio's Stacks", "floppy", "/disks/mac-marcio's-stacks-1.0.image"], ["Marcio's Pranks", "floppy", "/disks/mac-marcio's-pranks-1.0.image"] ] } == Themed Exhibits: == { "icons" : [ ["Fractal Wonderland", "folder-dot"], ["HyperCard vs. PowerPoint", "folder-dot"], ["Mac Programming", "folder-dot"] ] } === See also: === * [[Apple Macintosh]] == References == # http://jamesfriend.com.au/pce-js/ Fractal Wonderland HyperCard vs. PowerPoint Mac Programming Apple Macintosh