= VisiCorp Visi On = As a follow-up to their successful VisiCalc product, VisiCorp began development of a GUI for the [[IBM PC]]. This product, called Visi On, was demonstrated at COMDEX in 1982 and predated the [[Macintosh]] and Microsoft Windows. == To Run the Demonstration: == { "icons" : [ ["Visi On Boot Disk", "boot-hd", "/disks/ibmpc-vision.pimg", {"emulator-args" : {"-c" : "pce-config-5160-early-msys-mouse.cfg"} } ], ["Visi On Apps 1", "floppy", "/disks/ibmpc-vision-app1.psi"], ["Nathan's Visi On Page", "hyperlink", "http://toastytech.com/guis/vision.html"] ] } # Click the "VisiOn Boot Disk" # Click the "Visi On Apps 1" disk
(do this as the computer is booting) # When prompted, calibrate the mouse by clicking on the center of the PC's screen and by moving the mouse around for a second or two. # Check out Nathan's page for a walk-through of the GUI. These demonstration disks were provided by Nathan Lineback. Be sure to check out his excellent [http://toastytech.com/guis/index.html GUI Gallery] page for more great information on early PC GUIs. === See also: === * [[History of the GUI]] === About the Emulator === { "icons" : [ ["PCE Home Page", "hyperlink", "http://www.hampa.ch/pce"] ] } The IBM PC emulator is a JavaScript port of Hampa Hug's PCE (PC Emulator)[1]. The Javascript port is based on work done by James Friend[2] === References === # http://www.hampa.ch/pce # http://jamesfriend.com.au/pce-js/ IBM PC History of the GUI Macintosh